Access Linksys Smart WiFi Router. Connect Linksys Router and visit linksyssmartwifi.com for Admin Login page. 

Setup to Login Linksys WRT32X Router using Smart Wi-Fi 




The content I found on this page was really helpful and also they guided to Access Linksys Support Page for official Downloads.

Steps To configure WRT32X Router using Smart Wi Fi

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 a. Check the internet connection from the modem. If there is no internet, contact your ISP

b. Check the power source on which you plan on plugging in the router, if the power source is unreliable, the connection will be as well

c. Ensure that the ethernet cable plugged into the router from the modem has a sufficient bandwidth, use a gigabit ethernet cable

d. Unplug the cable modem from the power for about 5 minutes before starting the setup

If you meet the above mentioned requirements,you can start with the setup of the router by following these steps

  1. Connect the modem and router using a gigabit Ethernet cable and make sure the connection is secured on both ends
  2. Plug in the router to the power source, and boot it up
  3. Connect to your router, and login to the web interface Linksyssmartwifi.com
  4. Follow the setup wizard instructions to setup the router
  5. Choose a desirable password for logging in to the router in future
  6. Set a name and password for the Router’s Wifi signal and complete the setup
  7. Connect to your WiFi SSID which you chose for the router, and verify the internet connection

Linksy Router Firmware Update Using Smart Wi Fi

Linksys releases new firmware updates periodically, to fix any bugs that may exist in previous versions or to upgrade the security of the router. Linksys recommends that you install the latest firmware version for the routers whenever available. The firmware updates are specific to the hardware of the device. If you install the incorrect firmware on a device it may cause the device to malfunction or may even damage the device.

To Download and install the latest firmware update on a linksys router, there are Two ways:

Automatic firmware update using web interface

⦁ Connect to your linksys router and open myrouter.local on any web browser OR linksyssmartwifi.com
⦁ Login using the password that you have set
⦁ Look for the connectivity tab
⦁ Find the Basic option under it
⦁ Check for available firmware upgrade, install if found
⦁ The router downloads and installs the firmware
⦁ The device will reboot after the installation process is complete

Manually download and install the firmware update

⦁ Find the model number of your linksys router on the router label
⦁ Download the latest firmware for your hardware from linksys support site
⦁ Connect to the router, and login to your admin account on www.linksyssmartwifi.com
⦁ Open the connectivity tab
⦁ Click on the firmware upgrade option, and browse for the downloaded firmware file
⦁ Upload the firmware file to the router and wait for the installation to complete
⦁ The router will reboot once to complete the installation
⦁ Connect to your router and verify the firmware version once it is rebooted

Enable Port Forwarding on Linksys Router with the help of Smart Wi-Fi

Port forwarding is the process of assigning a single IP address to the local networking devices which are connected to the router. This increases the security of the local network as there is only one entity to interact on the web. The devices are forwarded packets on the basis of their port. Port forwarding is a common practice and is made really easy in the linksys smart wifi routers


To setup port forwarding on linksys router follow these steps:

⦁ Connect your device to linksys router and visit liinksyssmartwifi.com
⦁ Sign in to the settings page of the router using your password
⦁ Click on the Security tab
⦁ Under the tab, choose the Applications and gaming option
⦁ Enable port forwarding for the desired port
⦁ Choose the IP that you want the packets to be forwarded to
⦁ Choose the protocol you want to be implemented
⦁ Click to make the changes and apply the settings

Linksys Router Smart Wi Fi Advance Features

Increase Wireless Range on Linksys Router using Cascading Feature

Linksys routers can be setup in series to increase the range of the network to amplify the effective range of the network. This process is called cascading. It is done by connecting two routers together, this not only increases the range of the existing network but also the performance, as there is hardware present on nodes which can handle the traffic in a better way. Cascading is a better alternative to network extension because cascading improves the performance of the network by routing the traffic more efficiently to the nodes.

Steps to Configure Cascading on Linksys Router using Smart WiFi

⦁ Connect an ethernet cable from your modem to the first router in the internet slot of the router
⦁ Turn on the first router, and configure desired settings on it
⦁ From a LAN port of the first router connect a cable to the internet slot of the second router
⦁ The first router will be the main router, the second will act as a subsidiary
⦁ Connect a device to the second router
⦁ Open a web browser and sign in to your account at myrouter.local or
⦁ Run the initial setup wizard on the second router
⦁ Finish up the settings by choosing your passwords
⦁ The second router will get configured to the network and can be used according the user’s needs

Login to Linksys Router Smart WiFi to Setup Parental Control

Using the linksys smart wifi routers a user can monitor the data usage on the internet. There are provisions for the user to set restrictions based on the user, if the administrator chooses to block access to certain websites, that can be done conveniently as well. The administrator can also choose to restrict the internet access on specific devices at a set time of the day.


Login Smart WiFi on Linksys Router to Follow  these steps

⦁ Turn on and connect to your linksys router
⦁ Sign in to linksys smart wifi page using your password
⦁ Look for the Parental controls tab and open it
⦁ Toggle on the parental controls using the toggle button
⦁ From the list of connected devices choose the device that you want to restrict the internet access on
⦁ Choose a timeframe if you want to restrict access at certain times of the day,or select always to always deny the internet access
⦁ If you want to block any specific websites click Edit next to block specific sites, to edit the list of restricted websites
⦁ Add the URL whose access you want to block
⦁ Click OK to set the restrictions on the router